I’ve been busy. Not completely in a good way, but busy.

My dad came up on Monday and we cleaned the entirety of the Garage out, power washed it, bye bye spiders, and now i’m starting to clean out parts of the house. Talk about a crazy last few weeks.

I’m booking a tour with Mike Holden, Paul Casey, and Scott McBurney up and down the East Coast in January/February.

Rotoscope played our second show last night. It was in a bar that might as well have been in the movie “Road House” except that there was no Chicken wire and no patrick swayze. Great sound system, and our friend Jon Kaplan ran the open mic.

I’ve been procrastinating on real work and i’m not sure why. I figure it’s related to the other extra-company personal issues I’m having. Bleah. I’d like to push a reset button on this summer.

Anyway, song for the day:

“Come Pick Me Up” by Ryan Adams.

You gotta love a guy who can sing lyrics like this:

I wish you would 
Come pick me up 
Take me out 
Fuck me up 
Steal my records 
Screw all my friends 
Behind my back 
With a smile on your face 
And then do it again 
I wish you would


Yeah. Damn right.

  1. Peacock says:

    do keep us updated on the tour stops. I'd like nothing more than to see bobosan himself in action..

    ..and then hop in the van, head back to meticulous studios, and shell out a few bills for some quality time in the stoodeeoh.

  2. Chad says:

    Excellent song. :)

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to pimp your tour dates in one of the sidebars here either, handy even.

  3. ako says:

    Posted on I have a video-editing problem for which I have not found a suibatle answer to yet:I have some client videos taken on iPhones and other devices that were recorded in the vertical (portrait) orientation. I need to edit these videos for presentation. I need to retain the entire original content (top to bottom) of the original frame and drop it onto a background that I’ve created. I’m trying to get away from the wide black pillars that appear on either side. Cropping these video frames into a horizontal format is not an option. Does anyone have any good ideas on how this can be accomplished?

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