The idea – the promise of tomorrow is always more enticing than the reality of now.


  1. Pete says:

    so, is that why you're awake at 3am on a tuesday morning? so you can be there when tomorrow starts? or is it just because of your heavy metal rockstar lifestyle?

  2. roboboshi says:

    Midnight is where the day begins.

    It's more like: You know what you have. You can count it. But if you meet someone who has a dollar in one hand and has the other hand closed and you can choose, the majority of people will take the unknown.

    And in that example, it turns out the unknown is an empty hand.

    This is more a relationship vent, but i was trying to not vent about it while venting. Y'know?

  3. John says:

    not that i ever need to make a reference to the weird al yankovic movie "uhf" but this so works in relation to what you're talking about... does anyone remember the wheel of fish show? if you take the box that hiro-san is bringing down the aisle, odds are, there's nothing in it, and a small man named kuni will be calling you stupid in front of everybody.
    sigh... i really need to start drinking during the day ;-)

    peace out cubscouts

  4. .sara says:

    you spelled discuss wrong. (: </english_major>

    of course the promise of tomorrow is more enticing. depending on the situation about which one is speaking or thinking, though, i think there comes a point where you have to give tomorrow a big FUCK YOU and deal with your today. you're not happy today? don't wait for tomorrow to fix it, tomorrow's got other plans, baby!

    the future is now and all that.

  5. Justin says:

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">My thoughts are here</a>.

  6. court says:

    i think you need the tomorrows to get you through the days you don't want to settle for a dollar. of course you can't expect the dollar to be there when you find an empty hand, but if you just took the dollar everytime, wouldn't you wonder if there was something other than just a dollar?

    you cannot chase an ominous hand forever. i think the trick is to see the hand for the hand and stop looking for something in it.

    i sound like yoda. peace out...

  7. roboboshi says:

    What if you know the hand is going to hurt you, say it's got a scorpion inside, and yet you chose it anyway.

  8. .sara says:

    there's no reason not to lust after the tomorrows, they come in handy when today starts wailing on you like a drunken, wife-beater.

    but sometimes today is better than tomorrow. because it's happening. right now all around you. and you're getting to have it. right now. all around you. the same cannot be said for tomorrow. hope, yes; guarantee, no.

    (if you know and you do it anyway? glutton for punishment and/or laziness.)

  9. chris says:

    There is no today, tomorrow or yesterday. The level of entropy never ceases, and we keep noticing. The observer influences the outcome. We look, our looking changes things, which we observe and call time. Our observation causes things to change, which we observe...etc.

    Changing matter and the recursive perception of change remains all there is in the universe.

    Read Hawking / Feynman - Sum Over Histories.

    What am <i>I</i> trying to say? What are <i>you</i> trying to say!?

  10. court says:

    chris, you are making my brain spin and the fact that i haven't showered yet today is even more painful somehow.

    buddisht fable. to piece in the scorpion reference. i swear i don't work.

    there is a scorpion about to sting a turtle down by the river bank. just before the scorpion strikes, the river floods and the water all around them begins to rise. deperately, the scorpion begs the turtle, if you let me ride on your back safely to dry land, i promise i won't sting you. the turtle says-no way, dude, you are going to sting me (that is my poetic license, not formal buddist verbage). the scorpion pleads, if i sting you, we will both sink to the river's bottom and die. i have little incentive to sting you. why would i bother to beg for my life now, if i was only going to take it myself later? the turtle feels sorry for the scorpion as he sees that the scorpion is truely frightened for his life. the turtle reluctantly lets the scorpion on his back, saying now remember your promise. the scorpion thanks the turtle profusely. they ride quietly for a while. their journey is almost over, dry land is in site and it looks as though they will both live when the turtle feels a shooting pain all over his body and becomes paralyzed. the turtle asks the scorpion, why would you sting me? you have gone back on your promise and now we will both die. the scorpion replys sadly, i know, but i had to. i am a scorpion and it is my nature.

  11. chris says:

    I wasn't trying to be mean to anyone, by the way. I only make the reference to the Sum Over Histories thing to:

    A) Flaunt my superior brainpower


    2) Show why I have trouble understanding people. Just wired a lil differently, I guess.

  12. cokey says:

    Due to the fact that I am an unemployed college grad student and haven't had any source of income since August, I would take the dollar because at least that way I could go to McDonalds and get something off the dollar menu.

    Some people see that glass as half empty, some see it as half full. As for me, I see it as half dirty and I'm gonna have to wash the fucker sooner or later.

    now back to thesis.....

  13. chris says:

    The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's twice as big as it needs to be. :D

  14. heather says:

    Live today, think about tomorrow. While making broad assumptions and thoughts about the future is not a bad thing, you never know what will happen today that could change all that.

  15. court says:

    what glasses are we talking about? i have contacts. the glass is half empty only when you ar thirsty. the glass is half full when you have had enough. or is it the other way around...

  16. chris says:

    the glass is really crystal. crystal clear. are we clear? You can't handle the truth! (which has Kevin Bacon)

  17. mark says:

    i like it so much, i stole it for my site.

  18. Auth says:

    ooooh such a fun pose of the month! Betts right, tight shoulders can be such a *fun* caenlhlge! It helps me to soften the base of my heart, melting it towards the mat, WHILE keeping strong arms, forarms & fingerpads rooted. The shoulders staying strong but heart soft allows for a deep upperbackbend then reaching l-o-n-g from the heart through the tailbone is electrifying I often face a wall and press the tops of my feet into the wall to help melt the heart and extend through the legs at the same time . just waiting for my toes to grow towards my head now thanks yall.namaste

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