Bathroom blue

Court came and painted the bathroom this weekend. Her and Sarah decided that it was going to be a girls event, so I was relegated to occasionally grabbing things. The bathroom is now very shi shi and swanky. Pictures to follow.

  1. chris says:

    You <i>know</i> you can't call it swanky if there isn't at least a cyma recta or cyma reversa at the crown. SHEESH!

  2. Chad says:

    Yeah, what Chris said...

  3. chris says:

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">cyma recta</a>. <a href="" rel="nofollow">cyma reversa</a>. (FYI)

  4. roboboshi says:

    hmm well then, I'll just have to go get some swanky molding.

  5. court says:

    do you put molding in a bathroom in a house that requires you to roll the dishwasher over to the sink and hook up a hose to wash dishes?

  6. Bhayva says:

    disse:Sim, e9 tudo que sabemos que o furuto sere1 diferente . Nada, nunca e9 igual. Breve terei uma novidade para contar. Talvez no prf3ximo finde.Obrigada pelo oferecimento de noticiar o meu livro.rsAte9 este vere3o que tem feito( oficialmente ne3o entrou ainda) , me fez refletir hoje e postar sobre ele. Por isto, eu adooooooooro o presente. c9 tudo o que tenho !Viva o presente ferds! bjo

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