Is it just me, or does anyone else find it very funny that there is actually a “”“>House Government Reform subcomittee on government efficency”. I read about it in the USA Today and thougth to myself, “that has got to be a bigger oxymoron than ‘Military Intelligence’.” Run by a Republican too. what is it? social hour?

Yup. it is.

  1. Pchop says:

    good work!Do you know that BioSQL I/O is supported in BioRuby ? Models are there, so you/we could try to build a rails app with them.Todo:* try to use the Bio::SQL for budliing a rails test app* integrate migration for BioSQL into BioRuby* extending test

  2. Keisuke says:

    Thank you for the acknowledgments!! Let's see if gihutb will become an useful tool.Basically it won't be difficult to keep a copy of the git repository in the open-bio server: maybe, it is not even necessary to have git installed there.

  3. flyraf says:

    Mh7eny <a href="">ikhinonsblbq</a>

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