the 3d bug has bit

I’ve spent much of the last week working on 4 renderings for a job in Dubai. And realizing how much i truly hate 3D Studio Max… or maybe windows’ interface to it. I don’t know. I’ve had more crashes than i know what to do with. It’s like the spirit of OS 9 has infected my windows box. Anyway, it’s done. I’ll be redoing some of the stuff for portfolio purposes because, yes, I’m that nitpicky with look and feel. I’ve heard Max 5 is better, so I guess it’s time to upgrade.

Finally slept last night. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

In other 3d news, we’ve resurected (distant Castro Kid) Kory Juul‘s film “Aquarius” and I’m building an art department/vfx team again. 400 VFX shots to complete in a year. Yup. Gonna be fun. As Scott McBurney said, “The 3d bug bit you again, didnt’ it?”


  1. Aee says:

    Jan05 after watching your vidoes, i have just around about the excitement of what i can acomplish if i actually putting the efforts into the designings, for the record, the game which your vidoes are based on is not much of real action compared to the battlefield bad company 2, which has all the skills and strategies, also double the fun. i personally have alot of ideas that will probably fit your needs, guessing it will be pretty hard for you to make new vidoes, and you will needs new ideas to feeds the hunger of the audient, i am currently on my 3rd(final) year of my university, and i will be looking for a job soon after i graduate, although my original goal is to be a game designer, well guessing that every dream has a place to start. if you are interested in what i have to offer, please do reply

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