Spank? Yes. Spank.

Tonight/last night, I went to a suare for the owner of DC Social Insider at a club called Spank. It was her birthday party. The club is above 1223 (or however it goes in roman numerals). Nice club. My friend Adam (aka Skytwin) was spinning the room that night. Good stuff. We spent too much. And we didn’t even get to see anyone get spanked. What a misnomer :)

Regardless, this marked the fourth night in a row of drinking. The new year is coming along well.

  1. Chulbul says:

    Emily - I'm missing sumemr already, too! I mean, fall has some awesome stuff, it just brings along weather that's a bit too chilly. I love the dress!! And I really like the last photo of you indoors with the light bouncing around. Hope you're having a great week!

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