1. Sadira says:

    I use both these frameworks, and rlealy, they are both excellent. Django is slightly better for content websites and Rails has the edge for apps, but overall I find them both heavenly compared to my Java . As for the fun' thing, I dont rlealy agree. I prefer to see myself as a Djanog person' as Rails is like the Spice Girls come to web dev. The community is full of fanboy 16 yo's who think they know everything. Go to a Ruby conf and you'll see what im talking about.

  2. Kubat says:

    Germany lose they game before the start sencod overtime ))) No attacks and weak defence is a way to push out themself from a World Cup I love football and play football to much and was very very angry when saw how germany played with Argentina. I love Argentina and it unbelivable to see how refery give an advantage for Germany hate this refery unkind guy I would try RubyOnRails in a near future

  3. Kiberu says:

    Since they just recently <a href="http://nkoqitcntgh.com">annuencod</a> Micro-Transactions this game. I can 100% garantee this game is going to be abysmal.Dead Space 3 has to sell some 5 Million copies to break even (Which is nuts since that's more than what the first 2 games sold in the first place.) Which is why these Microtransactions are probably being added in so you can get resources, mainly because EA is afraid it's not going to make it's Sales Quota. Now, to make these Microtransactions viable. You have to restrict how much resources they are in the game now. If resources could be easily grinded then whats the point of buying them in the store, right? Also no idea on how this works for multiple playthroughs of the game. Are the resources restricted to only one file in the game? If you want to Co-op with 2 people and your are playing at different points in the game. Guns will either be severely overpowered or horribly underpowered, just breaking balance immediately and it becomes frustrating.And now the biggest Sin of the game. Adding Microtransactions kills the Survival Horror atmosphere. When a Necromorph kills you, your not going to feel the dread that it's just something you can't kill. You're going to get the thought that Jeez, if I spend money on some resources I could craft that Rocket Launcher add-on to my pistol to kill this necromorph . Essentially, all survival horror elements of the game are now gone. It is just a bland action game, one with Single Player microtransactions to actually play the game, pay-to-win essentially.Screw you EA, not buying your Dead Space 3 at all. I'll go my way to tell everyone else not to buy it either.

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