Well, I’m a nominee in three different ways for the Wammies this year:

1. Rotoscope was nominated in the Best New Artist category.

2. Boboroshi and Kynz (site link may not be active yet) were nominated for “Best Electronica Duo or Group” amongst other industry rockstars as BT, Deep Dish, Thievery Corporation, and Thunderball. Kynz and I are having a “we’re not worthy!” kind of moment right now.

3. Meticulous was nominated twice in the “Best Website” category for and I called Justin. He wants to get a corporate table.

So yeah. Rock and roll kids!

  1. chris says:

    Shit, I'll contribute. You little DC fruitloops deserve the praise, not to mention some loot from us freeloaders. Molti ringrazimenti!!!

  2. alissa says:

    congratulations! that's awesome.

    (though 'wammies' brings back bad gameshow wammies no wammies - stop!):P

  3. Waldo says:

    Hell, I'd chip for a corporate table. It'd be fun to go to an awards show. This time, I won't get there late or nothin'.

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