The future home of rock stars

I love this building. I would love to turn it into the Meticulous headquarters. I only hope we can last long enough for the building before the area gets gentrified.

  1. .sara says:

    rule #1: NO SHOES in the Ball Pit.

    i'm just saying.

  2. scott says:

    rule #2: BAR OPENS when the sun is over the yard arm.

  3. roboboshi says:

    what is a yard arm?

    RULE #3: Nap, snack, and recess will be encouraged on a daily basis.

  4. .sara says:

    rule #2a: no OPEN CONTAINERS in aforementioned Ball Pit. (around the ball pit is a whole other matter.)

  5. chris says:

    rule #F: Slide Pole must be kept highly polished.

  6. kolonay says:

    can I move in? I've got m4d bu51n355 5k1llz...

  7. kolonay says:

    OH, and I play a bunch of instruments too...


  8. .sara says:

    damnit Sullivan, ruining our fun. (can we have the packs? please?!)

  9. chris says:

    oh fine... but I still haven't tested them yet. And I guess you can keep the hearse, too, so long as no one crashes it into the spare accelerator rack (or Jeanine).

  10. cokey says:

    rule #4? Co-workers cannot use big words around the house architect such as "aformentioned", "gentrified" or "building." They only confuse me. Yes one day I will be registered...

    Proposed amendment to Rule #F - Change the fire pole into a strippers pole. (for those of us who need entertainment other than musical instruments)

  11. Hankins says:

    Rule #5: <strong>SUBWAY</strong>.

  12. roboboshi says:

    There will be NO crossing of the streams in the office. capish?

  13. .sara says:

    can we say structure?

  14. cokey says:

    1st design project - install full working Starbucks inside office.

    2nd design project - design conference table to encompass the fire/strippers pole. Instant table AND pole dancing!!! What could be better??

    This will gurantee and influx of clients. (I used a dictionary for "influx.")

    And no, you can't say "structure." Architecture has nothing to do with structure. At least I don't think it does....

    <b>Rule # 6 </b>- Anyone who intentionally hits another co-worker in the face with a ball from the pit gets sent to "Time-Out" for 10 minutes.

    These posts are the most work I've done all day. I think I need another job.

  15. roboboshi says:

    Also, in true PIXAR style, everyone's work area will be their own to decorate as they please. The building of sleeping areas will be encoruaged. <a href="" rel="nofollow">Monica Belucci Calendars</a> will be encouraged. Sara, you can have your Aragorn calendar. fine.

  16. Hankins says:

    <em>what's this rule #5, though? you want sandwiches? you want a full-working metro? wtf.</em>


  17. .sara says:

    i don't generally care for beefcake type calendars, blah blah muscles. it's boring. so there'll be none of that in my area, i assure you.

    however. there may be a print or two by the late <a href="" rel="nofollow">herb ritts</a>. it's "ART."

  18. .sara says:

    calm down, afterschool special.

  19. chris says:

    Herb Ritts died?!

    Addendum #1

    a) Aformentioned Starbucks shall be replaced with Slave to the Grind or substitute approved by Architect.

    b) Aforementioned Subway shall be replaced with Metrorail system, Blimpie or substitute approved by architect.

    c) Integrated pole-table assembly shall be surfaced with a reflective material on outside of pole and table top surface, TBD (chrome, polished siler, satin nickel).

    d) Monica Belucci calendars to be provided free of charge, or wholesale by contractor for anyone requesting such an item. For those requesting a different calendar, a single approved alternate shall be provided for the remaining employees. Herb Ritts?

    e) No structure or form shall be allowed anywhere within twenty (20) feet of the outside surface of the exterior walls of the building, or anywhere within the enclosure designated by the exterior surface of the perimeter of the building, save for the contractual structure of this Addendum.

    f) Americans shall be integrated into existing site and roof draininge systems. . .I think.

    g) All labor provided for the construction of individual work and sleep areas shall either be one of the seven dwarves, or the RGB fairies from Sleeping Beauty.

    h) Pteradactyl Aviary to be constructed of hot-spun rock candy and used alcohol bottles from first month's parties.

    i) Ball Pit not to be filled with base, bowling, foot, basket, hi-bounce, mylec or tennis balls. Nor shall BBs be provided. Consult Architect with proposed ball type.

  20. roboboshi says:

    Someone needs to stop writing architectural specs. Barry taught you well tho :)

  21. .sara says:

    chris: wha? :P

  22. chris says:

    sara: hmmm?

  23. .sara says:

    how about form, then? form works. what's this rule #5, though? you want sandwiches? you want a full-working metro? wtf. <i>(posted 2003.01.17 17:42:26 damn you MT Blacklist - ed.)</i>

  24. Silvia says:

    You have a beautiful blog! Absolutely chmnairg and honest. I want to live cleaner and more naturally as I walk away from it for the first time.(I'm going to be living in England next summer so I'm very excited to see something so lovely from the UK!)

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