Tech Roundup

Interesting shit in the tech world recently:

Another dumbass patent worker approved a patent for webframes and a company named SBC Communications filed suit against some little website for USING FRAMES and therefore is in violation of its patents. Yeah. How freakin dumb.

From the “DCMA-is-a-perfect-example-of-why-congress-can’t-vote-for-constituents” department, a federal judge ordered Verizon to turn over info on a user to the RIAA. Verizon is appealing. It just shows how shitty the DCMA is and how it violates your rights.

And in happy news, Microsoft has been ordered to put Java in Windows. Damn right.

  1. kolonay says:

    That's odd... My girlfriend uses SBC DSL in South Bend, IN... I just installed it for her. Now I feel guilty. Not guilty like when you took another cookie though mom said not to, so much as guilty like when you touch yourself...

  2. Carlos says:

    It's an issue because they are then pnoritifg from facilitating the sharing; this has been the big argument all along. If they did profit then it gets looked on more harshly.Dont forget the court case *only* relates to pre-2006. After the 06 raid none of the 4 defendants legally own the site.The issue of how much is tough. On the one hand they do serve a lot of ads though not particularly high impact ones (in terms of return per click). On the other hand it *is* a top 100 site; yes P2P traffic does not go through the site, but they serve as a tracker for over 50% of all BitTorrent users (estimated). That is a LOT of hits on the tracker each minute. Secondly the tracker hosting service gets a lot of hits. Torrent packages might be small but it adds up when being downloaded constantly

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