Cleaning: An Inspiration

I’ve got a few areas to work on:

1. First and foremost, and the simplest of all of these, is to clean out the hard drives in my desktop and laptop, organize the 500 item + “to sort” folders, and get the digital paper mess taken care of quickly. Won’t be difficult. I started on this over Christmas, but then Shake tutorials called my name.

2. Then there comes the desk area. This isn’t bad. It’s simply a matter of removal so that I can organize things here in the future. I need to hit the Container Store and get some Containers, because that’s what they sell at the Container Store. Go figure.

3. The drafting table needs some serious cleaning off. It’s just so easy to place things on it. More fuel to the fire/pile/pyre.

4. Then the great paper sort begins. There’s a box of it here. There’s more boxes in the garage. There’s even MORE boxes at my parents’ house in Yorktown. Sort. Sort. Digitize. Throw away. Very simple really.

Now if only I could stop working for a month to make this place swanky organized. Eh. A boy can dream.

A post-it note says it best: “Touch Every Paper Once”.

  1. chris says:


    what about when you need to move the original from the scanner? *confused*

  2. Pandu says:

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