Valentine's Day/Song 31

I dislike Hallmark Holidays. Well, especially this one. You shouldn’t have to have one day a year where you’re expected to do something. The event, being expected, loses it’s spontaneity. It’s not like getting flowers out of the blue. You expect it. And then if you don’t get something, you’re let down. It’s a crappy way to spend the 6 week mark of any given year.

So, on that note, here’s a new song (lyrics). I’ll try to record it this weekend. Very lullaby sounding.

[Song 31]

Close yourr eyes and remember
All your childhood dreams
Close your eyes
And just lay close to me

Someday won’t come tomorrow
But that’s all that you need
Someday echoes of sorrows
You can’t see

You’ve feigned your madness
Your spiritual abscence
The road that you take to get home
It’s lost… (you’re all alone)

Karma kicks with a vengance
I take of you my leave
Please stop playing the victim

Barren walls, empty hallways
Shattered dreams in the aisle
I’ve lost the key
The seasons change along
This lonely mile

You’ve feigned your madness
Your spiritual abscence
The road that you take to get home
It’s lost… (you’re all alone)

Happy Valentines Day to all the single people out there! Let’s go drinking!

  1. .sara says:

    drinking! yes!

  2. ron says:

    can't wait to hear it.

    and though i'm not single-- and haven't been for a long, long while-- i'll raise my glass nonetheless.

  3. kolonay says:

    I'm w/ bobo and sara, let's go drinking...

  4. chris says:

    Tap the bottle and twist the cap...

  5. shep says:

    Don't bother saying "hi" now
    Keep on passing by now
    Don't even think to ask me why now.
    For all the things you do, you done to me, you did
    It's amazing how much just slid.

    Because it's been a year or more, I can't reckon
    When you came into the bar, did you then see me beckon?
    I mean hey, I'm just checkin - I draw blanks for a second
    Then remember how your ass needs a wreckin.

    So let me finish up my drink and you can finish up your smoke
    I'll go for broke and in a tipsy manner start in with a joke
    About the story that got back to me; you're asking how I am
    I'm pissed off, you couldn't tell? I hope he bangs you in the can
    And by the can I mean the bathroom, not your ass, though I can laugh
    I hope he signs it with a marker so you'll get his autograph
    And then you'll wonder why your boyfriend acted upset, irate;
    It's cause we had so many stories to relate.
    I feel great.

  6. Mariela says:

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