Tabbed Safari

safari tabs in action!

So I found a version of Safari build v62, which has tabs in it. What a great feature to cut down window clutter. Especially on my little 15" powerbook. Apple’s putting more functionality into their betas of version 1.0 of this app than most people have hit by version 7 of theirs (netscape who?).

  1. chris says:

    Netscape nothing! That best the pants of of any browser out there, save maybe Opera 7.

    I need one machine for CAD and MAX and a Mac for everything else. :(

  2. roboboshi says:

    That's how I'm set up. Only other thing I run on the PC is compositing software. And as soon as I can buy a license of Shake for OS X, that will be a distant (dirty) memory.

  3. Johnny says:

    oh... you "found" it. care to tell us where you came across such an elusive peice of software? hmmm?

  4. Ronaldo says:

    4. OpEEEEEra! -> You don't know Opera. Don't even say a thing about it. Opera 10 gives you built in Mail app, widgets, notes and all those. And damn slow! Opera 10 doesn't even load jQuery srcpit well. If you are on Indian, and using Windows means you are a loser and knowledgeless about coding and all those.5. Safari is a complete different on Windows. I prefer using Safari when I'm on my Snow Leopard and just browsing. Never even used it on Windows.

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