Yay! Hooray!

Yay is back after a technical difficulties hiatus. Now that I actually have work to do, and I can’t sit around surfing the boards all day. What’s a boy to do? (I know, Mr. Currie, finish the print layout already ;) )

  1. chris says:

    lol. and just when I added you to my buddy list. rats!

  2. Shaji says:

    You underestimate it based on the demos. You can use any dsaabtae access technique you like, TapKit is a nicem though poorly documented in English as yet, O/R tool, plain DBI is really nice in Ruby, as are a kabillkion others, or you can abstract it yourself.Seriously, what does Webwork help with a complex schema? The two are unreleated. If ActiveRecord doesn't solve your problem, don't use it, or don't use it for that part. It is one part of Rails (a really nice part, mind).I've used (and quite enjoyed) webwork 1 and 2, but if you think that because the samples done in beginner tutorials are simple the framework is for toy projects, try it for a while and ask again, and try it without going into it wanting to hate it =)

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