march coverWe finished up the print production on the March Issue of OnTap at about 4am last night. It’s swank. It took a while to get the content assembled and a few last minute “uh-ohs” but all in all, it’s swank. That’s the cover to the left. It’s all about making a good look and feel and a swank paper.

It’ll take a few months to just get up to speed with where we want to be as far as content and tweaking out the design (e.g. stuff such as the style guides, setting all our paragraph styles to run properly, etc.). It should be fun tho! Nothing like late night last minute design work.

  1. Mike Holden says:

    Nice work, Athayde. It will all come together and the late nights will be worth it.

  2. ron says:

    but the real question is...

    is the magazine "swank?"

  3. chris says:

    Something about a Hiliary?

  4. chris says:

    looks great, no joke.

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