Coining new words

“meh”, “eh”, and “teh”

How are you feeling today? Meh = case of mondays. Eh is well… eh. and teh can be whatever you want it to be. TEH! it was too good to simply be my perpetual mistyping of “The”.


as in “that wrocks”. Wrocks = works + rocks.


an expression of “can you believe this shit?” as in “gah. my editor in charge just asked me to ‘make this pop’ more and added 250 pages to this damn book and it runs tomorrow.”

Any more? Maybe so. Depends how badly I continue to type today.

  1. will schlick says:

    one suggestion, a personal favorite of mine...

    "fucktarded"... as in, 'you, sir, are fucktarded.'

    I'd come up with more, but you stole "gah" from me, and I'm wiped out from the writing of papers, so there you go.

  2. .sara says:

    pfft, did NOT. (:

    also, please add GTFO - Get/ting The Fuck Out/Off and GSD - Get/ting Shit Done - which is from jeffe.

  3. chris says:

    "gorgd". After Gorgs on Fraggle Rock (remember that? No? Oh well...) meaning I just fat-fingered and mistyped a word that could be read as something else. as in, typing "werd", meaning "weird" and having misconstrued as a funky spelling of "word", which is an expression of accord.

    Don't get me wrong, I type "werd" all the time and I mean "word" - this is a situation when context doesn't clarify the meaning.

  4. shep says:

    meh, MUH, and BUH! were always classic ones. Dyan (the sister) is a big fan of "meh."

    I've just always been a strong proponent of "geeked" and "ganked," plus their spinoffs, such as "gankage," "gankitude," or "get the gank/got the gank." "gank" means "to steal," mainly, but to "get the gank" can usually mean something amorphous like "you got fucked over."

    "Dude, she gave you a phone number but it was time & temperature? got the gank."

  5. jenni says:

    Bill and I like to use Krubby, when something is crappy and crummy.

  6. Vin720 says:

    I can't believe it. One day I was in a chatroom and a foriegn student said "fucktarded". Everyone in the room was befuddled as to what it meant. So I looked it up on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and found nothing. Then I went to the best search engine I could think of ( and found you guys. I'm still confused as to exactly what it means though.

  7. Carol says:

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