What a difference a decade [doesn't] make

Wired has an interesting article about their tenth anniversary in print.

“Recession. Iraq. Hard times in Silicon Valley. It’s a hell of a time to be optimistic. Welcome to 1993, the year Wired was born.”

My how things haven’t changed. Makes me want to buy tech stock again.

  1. chris says:

    If Google has an IPO, you can bet it sure isn't going to have the ressurective power some are anticipating. Careful, John...

  2. Mark says:

    Many thanks. I'll check out the tuiatrol and give yours a read as well. I'm on Rails 2 and putting it in the lib directory didn't work. I think you're right, putting it in the model directory makes the most sense. I'll give that a go for now and see if I can't make it a gem later on. Thanks again.JP

  3. Hopeurnotmadatme says:

    thayz athayde disse:Vanessa queidra, pra mim o louco do filme e9 o mais normal de todos! Ele ne3o consegue se encaixar dentro das padronizae7f5es, ele e9 o prf3prio desejo primitivo, ne3o passa por todas aquelas questf5es sociais, ele ne3o se obriga. E realmente o feminismo e9 isso, e9 o prf3prio questionamento dos padrf5es que devem ser seguido. A April e9 maravilhosa mesmo e acho que o final tinha que ser aquele mesmo, se ne3o tudo para ela continuaria vazio.

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