April Fools Day

You’d think people would get it, but they’re completely fooled. And we’re getting some funny ass flame mail. Such choice morsels as:

"If you guys think that DMB are the ones that sold out you are grossly mistaken. You are the assholes that sold out. I take it as an insult that you would still consider calling this site “nancies”. Fucking change the name you don’t deserve to use a name that is related to Dave Matthews or the Band in anyway."


"my god. you must be kidding. i cannot believe that after so many years of being the best DMB fansite you woud just up and change one day. and to john mayer nonetheless. i am not a fan of john…at all. but i won’t waste your time bashing him. i’m certain you will get many emails doing that. i just wanted to say that this is an insult to those who have remained loyal to nancies.org for so many years. it doesn’t even make sense to call the site “nancies.org” anymore. this is greatly disturbing. best of luck…but you won’t see me on these boards anymore. nancies has been my home page for years now. but no longer. i greatly wanted to jump on the boards and discuss last night dave and tim show, but i find out that that won’t be happening. and without warning none the less.
best of luck with the new site. it’s a shame things had to change. it is an end of an era."

um, no, it’s simply an April Fools Day joke. “the end of an era”? No. not that it was an era to begin with. It’s a website. Nothing more. Nothing less. Of course, it is a Community, but really. People. c’mon.

and the oh so serious:

“Some of us rather like John Mayer, in face I think his music is amazing I just graduated from college and I have been to two of his shows. I have seen DMB more than a dozen times and counting and have loved them for years, if you were going to have a GOOD April fools day joke then you should have picked someone way out there like Eminem or something that noone at Nancies.org acutally likes, this bashing of John Mayer has just lost you a fan and my nancies shirt will now be used to change the oil in my car… or burned.. I understand it is a joke but a joke that is not really funny because I like John almost as much as DMB… well good day”

We don’t quite understand how we’re “bashing” John Mayer, as most of us on the site listen to his music as well. We just thought that he was a polarizing force on our message boards. People either love him or hate him, and we knew it would set people off a lot more than a “Dave playing Bobo’s house” story or something.

Granted, we have a handful of people that love the joke because, well, they got it. And just think, there are over 800 of these emails right now in my inbox.

  1. kolonay says:

    DMB? Are they still around?


  2. chris says:

    lemmings don't have a sense of humor, John. :P

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