OY. What a weekend

Oy veh. This was supposed to be a fun, laid back weekend, heading down to the burg and having a good time. Friday I stopped by the Juniper Lane session at Ted Commerford’s Studio where I watched Chris track a 10 second guitar line for quite some time and discussed design stuff with Vivion.

Saturday I was supposed to go to Chad and Amy’s Wedding in Williamsburg. 2pm walk out my door for a perfect ETA at William & Mary and as I drive down my street, my left rear tire goes out. After getting my car back to my driveway and jacking it up, it turns out i’ve got a nice little screw in the freakin wheel. So I walk the wheel up to Texaco. Oh no. they closed at 2pm. tough crap. So i walk it further down Wilson to the Amoco. Luckily, one of the mechanics was there and was able to fix it. By the time I get back to my house and get the tire back on, it’s 4pm. So that day was shot. So I decided to attempt to organize part of my office. Got through 1/3 of it.

Now I’ve been playing catchup the rest of the weekend and get something going for Meticulous so I can 1.) take Chad and Amy out on the town to attempt to make up for a shitty automobile day, 2.) hire .sara and get an investor for Meticulous, and 3.) get a record deal for Rotoscope so I can be a huge rock star and fund all my friends’ projects.

Or maybe we all need a mutual vacation in Barbados.

  1. chris says:

    I knew there was something cosmic about Saturday. I had a bunch of traffic troubles, too.

    It wasn't our collective days.

  2. .sara says:

    i vote for Barbados.

    i'm just saying.

    maybe it was a bad traffic day on the <i>east</i> coast. no traffic troubles out he-uh that day. neener.

  3. chris says:

    Antigua, even if I'm only the peanut gallery. Course...it's a little late in the season.

  4. chris says:

    and neener yourself. Monticello. :P

  5. Chad says:

    You really want to make up for a shitty automobile day? Lend a hand (or two) when Amy moves into my place on Friday the 9th. Seriously.

    We'll give you a medal or something. :)

  6. Auth says:

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