You Have [Voice] Mail!

Our landlord is planning to sell, so we’re begining the planning of the move. Cleaning out voice mail on the home line was a good start. I haven’t been using it since before Christmas and there are currently SIXTY messages. All sorts of people. Crazy.

I had told people to use the cell. Don’t call the home line. Call the cell. I don’t check the home line. Call the cell.

Let’s review:

Call my cell. Don’t call the home line. Especially since we’re all moving. :)

  1. Chad says:

    Moving... on up to the east side?

  2. chris says: a dee-luxe apartment in the sky?

    Hey, I heard ODB just got outta jail - he might need a roomate. :D

  3. jenni says:

    Where are you moving to? I might be looking for a place myself soon, I was attacked in my parking lot the other night. Don't move to montgomery paint branch in silver spring, that's apparently where attackers live. I'm thinking about rockville. let me know if you find someplace super cool!

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