Shake it up!

This month has become the most hectic thing I think I’ve seen in quite some time. First off, I’m moving the office and the casa. They’re currently both at the same place, but it’s time they move their seperate ways (and hopefully provide me with some sanity… or just insanely long office hours).

The new contact info for those who desire it:

537 North Livingston Street
Arlington, VA 22203

4238 Wilson Blvd
Suite 3078
Arlington, VA 22203

I’m up at 1am doing a CAD file for Capitol Concerts so the Capitol Police can see it tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn.

Not to mention packing up all sorts of crap. It’s truly amazing how much stuff someone can amass when they have a tendency to be a pack rat. It’s crazy. Tons. Of. Crap.

April Park Theory goes in the studio with Chris and Stewart on May 21st, and then I go on set at Capitol Concerts for most of Memorial Day weekend (in addition to playing two shows and going to see a few friends play at the HFStival and my friend Tracy’s show at Signature Theatre).

I need three of me. But then I’d just take on more crap.

  1. will schlick says:

    two questions... one, who do you know playing HFStival? And two, when do I get to come party and hang out with you all once I get back to DC?

    we must drink.

  2. chris says:

    trying to make the show at Rhodeside on the 23rd - I have to be in the office that day, which means an ETA of 11:00 in DC. Will most likely be beat at that point, but expect a friendly face somewhere in the crowd anyway. :D

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