Bad signs on the monitor


You know it’s a bad thing when this is what your monitor looks like when you turn on your machine. After about five minutes of the “Dear God tell me it’s not broken.” I realized i had two drives as master drives on the same IDE channel [/ geek]. And all was well with the world. Well, with the computer at least.

  1. Alena says:

    :Brian, I was literally about to order the Redrock mount from your weisbte when I found this updated post. I came to make one last final decision and noticed your entry had disappeared. I am a longtime customer and was there with you in the beginning. Now I find myself thinking twice about buying something from Redrock because you pulled this entry. I'm not going to get into China vs. Google and net neutrality, but I think shooters and customers have a right to see what's out there. Give the people some credit. We don't think everything we read on the internet is true. But we deserve the chance to make our own decisions. Now instead of being an option, you simply don't exist. Thanks.

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