Castro is now Cuba

We’re in the midst of moving servers. Castro is being reinvented as a development/ftp/maillist box, and we have four other boxen online: Athena, Hercules, Kennedy, and then we share Radiant’s mail server with them. I think I’m going to keep Castro II/Cuba here in the office since it’s not getting used as much, it hopefully won’t be running as hot.

So I drove, round trip, to Philadelphia tonight to pick up our server at the data center. That sucked. Two hours on the beltway reminded me that DC is exactly like Los Angeles, except no beaches, less silicone, no film or music industry, and a hell of a lot more politics and backstabbing.

Sounds just like purgatory.

  1. chris says:

    Ouch. sounds like one heckuva trip. So when are you moving out!?

  2. roboboshi says:

    Already moved. Now my life is in a series of boxes that aren't labeled very well. I'm slowly putting things where they belong. And fighting with servers. A lot of that. Justin's fighting too. And Julian.

    So much fun.

  3. .sara says:

    just like Los Angeles except it's missing the d-o-t!!

    well, no, i guess that's not true. y'all have THE Department of Transportation out there.


  4. chris says:

    You warriors, you!

  5. michelle says:

    so basically youre saying that youre moving to los angeles.

    when, praytell, may we be expecting you here? i'd like to throw you a welcoming party.

  6. Neto says:

    Followers of our LORD in Cuba are repressed and purseceted. The Church has been desimated in these last 50 years under the brutal castro communist regime. My mother suffered a repudiation act (in essence a trial meant to coherce and humiliate you) at her place of work for wearing a crucifix. They communist party head at the job site indicated the act of wearing a crucifix was anti-revolutionary and they tried to force her to remove it. She did not .This is just one example of how the castro regime operates againts Cristians at the lowest levels of government power. For many years students who were active in the Church were prohibited from attending college because they were deemed anti-revolutionary . This constant pressure on Cristians has led to a society with no moral direction and a lack of a structured belief system in our Lord. Many have turned to Santeria, and other African rite religions out of sheer ignorance since the regime in many ways promoted this transition to beliefs in Santeria as they have mined the religion with government informants .in effect officially sanctioned Santeria leaders work for the government and often agree with the dictatorship. It's just another way to control and influence the population just like they do in China with their government run catholic church .May Jesus bless the Cuban people and we ask that he have mercy on them and liberate them from the communist dictatorship

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