Redevelopment Fever

Justin just launched his new site recently. It made me realize how long I’ve had this design for boboroshi. It’s been almost 3 years. Wow. Three years you say? yeah. That picture sara took of me on the front was when I started at RTKL. That was the summer of 2000.

I’m an old fart. [and not necesarily in the meaning of a pride term either].

Don’t you hate having a redesign fevor and not knowing what to do with it? Or afraid that you won’t be able to do anything that you like? Or that you’re going to resort to your tried and true design techniques and just put out something that everyone says “oh, yeah, another site by Athayde.”

Ah. You are my inner monologue.

Stop the traffic.
The Verizon techs don’t have cell phones.
The post office doesn’t deliver mail.

“So that happened….”

  1. .sara says:

    you ARE old.

    you worry too much, though. (:

  2. Chad says:

    Ha. Redev fever: sad but true. Just ask (the ever so gracious) .sara and the number of prospective redesigns I've run past her in the past while.

    And there's no way this design's been around for 3 years (actually it's only been <a href="" rel="nofollow">since mid-December 2001</a>).

  3. roboboshi says:

    The initial design of teh front page, which lead to the inside, was Summer 99. It used to say "California Style 1999"... so i guess that's where I was judging it from.

    It feels 3 years old. oy. I feel 30. oy veh! my back! my back! ;)

  4. shep says:

    Oy, I know your pain. Nothing ever looked good to me, design-wise.

  5. roboboshi says:

    And the kicker now is that noghitn looks good in photoshop as I design it. I'm wondering if I've hit the point where I can't top myself on this one with out stealing from myself or Justin.

    And that's kind of pointless now isn't it?

  6. chris says:

    You MUST CHILL. Watch more movies, stop producing so hardcore for a are describing burnout. And not the type that everyone claims to have - I am talking serious, self-deprecating stuff.

    Tread with care.

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