Old School Web

So Phil Golub pulled out some old links to tease us with.

First, Drew’s old page from college. “Viewed best in Netscape 2.0” woohoo!

Second, someone trading a Tilae Linden show. Why God Why? As Phil said “Can’t we just let it die people?!?!?”

  1. John Schlickenmaier says:

    yeah, so um, i gave kat that show on etree :-)

  2. Pete says:


    why does just seeing the name make me angry?

  3. Crystal says:

    She has three shows on etree - <a href="http://db.etree.org/myshows.php?userid=taperkat" rel="nofollow">http://db.etree.org/myshows.php?userid=taperkat</a>

    Maybe if I ask <b>her</b> real nice I'll actually get to hear what you use to sound like on stage.

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