1. Chad says:

    Yet *another* title to add to your resume. Way to go!

  2. Mpo says:

    :I can empathize with both paiters.Red rock do sell to the high end and the review is just opinion.IJP, maybe like me, you are not from the US where the legal industry has a strong hold on the wallets of the country. If I was threatened with a legal suit I wouldn't let my pride or ego stand in the way of protecting all I have built up as a business. It's bloody hard to build a business.I support both red rock and cinema5d and it's a shame proaim isn't in the review coz I think it will be the choice of many of the ppl who don't want to spend as much as they have spent on their camera on accessories and as a canon lens owner who uses nikon as well, their double sided follow focus is well priced.

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