Quark :: Revived or DOA?

I saw this review on creativepro.com regarding Quark 6. We’ve been using InDesign (by Adobe) for the layout of OnTap now since February. And I personally love it. Quark 6 looks good, but I realized it wasn’t worth the upgrade when I saw this:

In running through the new features of XPress 6.0, I’ve tried not to make too many comparisons to InDesign, but some are unavoidable. […] InDesign is the superior product — it integrates much better with other Adobe applications, and on a feature-for-feature basis it easily beats XPress. Adobe’s inside advantage with PDF is even clearer now that we’ve seen the PDF morsels Quark is serving up.

So are there any of you that have used both and can make comparisons? Everyone I know is either a Quark Lover or Quark Hater.

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