Digital Downloads Tracked

Slate has an article on Billboard introducing it’s Digital Downloads Chart (available to premium members). It provides a way to track and report on sales of music via a variety of downloading (legal) sources, such as the Apple iTunes Music Store.

It’s silly to make huge generalizations too quickly, but here’s one intriguing thought. Billboard says that Apple, the most aggressive player in this market so far, is selling an average of 500,000 tracks a week. If that’s true, and it takes just 1,500 sales to be No. 1, then the variety of tracks that people are downloading must be extremely broad—particularly compared with, say, the variety of tracks that make up a typical Top 40 station’s play list.

The interesting thing is the variety of tracks being downloaded, and hopefully the push to the industry that will say “hey, we don’t like your stock 10 songs every day. Give us something else.”

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