1. mark says:

    i'm up in on this too...

    btw - i have some more tracks to send you

  2. botulism says:

    i was late with the competition =(
    but i'd still love to try doing a radiohead remix. only problem: i don't have the samples, and no-one else seems to have them... so if anyone could please help me out by sending me the samples, that would be much appreciated!

  3. Jaydeepsinh says:

    This is actually my video. I was so anoneyd by everyone around me clapping and saying comments to each other. It was Hollywood and there were not as many fans as there were at the other shows, but the chatter was ridiculous. I don't know why they didn't do anything spectacular in Santa Barbara in front of 4500 fans (and fans via webcast). Instead, they do in Hollywood in front of 30,000+ celebrities.

  4. Kaori says:

    Ne1dia disse:Conheci esse Projeto na internet, atrave9s da verse3o onilne de uma pequena mate9ria de um jornal local.Entrei no blog deles e achei maravilhoso o trabalho que e9 desenvolvido. Fui conhecer pessoalmente e vi que era mais bonito ainda.O preamio foi mais que merecido.Os volunte1rios doam algo que este1 em falta hoje em dia: o seu tempo livre (e as vezes ate9 o ne3o-livre) para tentar mudar o curso de vida de mais de 300 criane7as do Amazonas.O reconhecimento e9 bom para incentive1-los cada vez mais.Parabe9ns pela iniciativa!

  5. Heryka says:

    What an incredible start to the year! I love the cacti<a href="http://qqzbrlll.com"> bodacrkp</a>, so unique and beautiful. I'm so excited to see what this year has in store for your art both personally and for clients. I can't get enough Anda!!!! :)

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