1. Court says:

    You think you are old? hahahaha ---baybee

  2. Ashraf says:

    Lucas,Certainly, but counting those lines of code is just silly. Like I wrote in my last comnemt, tools are incredibly important in having successful software projects. Ruby itself is a tool and by using that tool you get the ability to type put Hello World !'. On the other hand, IntelliJ IDEA is a tool and I can type from the keyboard:Ctrl-InsertHelloWorldpvsmsoutHello World!By doing those key commands, I IDEA will create a class (Ctrl-Insert) named HelloWorld , then create a public static void main method, then write out a System.out.println() command, and finally add the string Hello World! .My point is that both are productive. The language really doesn't matter if the tools are there. In the case of Ruby, the language IS the tool, but that doesn't take anything away from Java. I mean, I could bring up automated refactoring

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