The One Party System

If Republicans had there way, everyone would be like them. There would be a pool of cheap labor of course, but they’d never have to deal with it. I’ve watched the Republican Party become this Religious Right platform in the last few years, and two recent posts (1, 2) on Waldo’s site reminded me why, as Ralph Nader says, “You must turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you.”

The first post is about the great Commonwealth of Virginia where he and I reside. There’s an uber conservative delegate to the state senate (Mark Obenshain) who wants to shut down birth control. Which, as Waldo points out, is almost humerous in comparison to his current election campaign stating, “speak out…for the principles of individual liberty and limited constitutional government that are the heart of the greatness of this Commonwealth.”

The second story was jsut the great point that Jim Gilmore screwed the state by getting rid of the car tax. Now I don’t like to pay taxes, but I realize that a lot of things that make the state great are because of government programs. Government programs don’t grow on trees kids. They get paid for by tax dollars. It’s the same concept the Republicans have been using. Tax Cut, Tax Cut, Tax Cut Forget the real issues, do a lot of feel good programs that will cause misery and hell for the next 20 years, and smile all the way to the bank.

At this rate I’d rather live in California. At least Schwarzenegger has some sort of “cool” factor.

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