Stupidity Strikes Again

So I’ve been getting a few emails recently that are theoretically from someone at Evocash saying :

If you were dumb enough to open this email then you will find a WORM has executed itself through your mailbox 
and by the time you read this into your hard-drive. This is PAYBACK for the Virus you disguised in the email you sent 
to us recently which destroyed our hard-drive and back-up system. This costs us thousands of dollars and we lost a lot 
of irreplaceable files on our system.

Now it’s your turn to have your computer infected. This WORM it is undetectable by AntiVirus software and it will  drive your computer crazy because it’s always hiding and causing havoc in your system. Using your computer recovery disks will not remove the problem cause it still stays on your computers Motherboard. This will proabably cost you a new computer and I sincerely hope this teaches you a lesson not to send people nasty viruses again.

Well, that’s funny because we know that is simply impossible. You can’t update the open firmware of a machine without restarting it. And secondly, going to their site reveals the fun fun stuff:

Abusive Emails
If you have received an abusive email that looks as if it was
sent from Evocash then please click on “Warning!!” on our
Website home page and read the various warnings that are posted
there. We apologize for any abusive email you may have received
but we can assure it did not originate from anyone at Evocash.
The new email that is being sent out is saying that a virus or
worm has been delivered with the email but there is no evidence
to prove that this is the case. If you receive an email like
this do not open any attachments and just delete it. Please do
not send us copies of the emails or headers as enough of them
have been passed over to our security officers.

And we all know there’s someone running around saying “OH MY GOD MY MOTHERBOARD’S INFECTED” and when the tech person says “No it’s not dumbass” they continue on their rant.

  1. kolonay says:

    "...and then the tech person says..."

    I find your abundance of faith disturbing! In the weeks following the blaster and sobig aftermath, I witnessed on three occasions a so called "tech" person inform a user that the only solution was to format their harddrive and install a newly purchased copy of Windows XP to replace 98/Me/2000. Some of these computers didn't even meet the install requirements...

    You may be fortunate never to run into tech people like this, but unfortunately I find that a good portion of my income is made by cleaning up after these folks. What I love is when windows doesn't detect some piece of hardware and they have no clue how to get the driver for it and instead inform that user that their hardware must be broken and is in need of replacement...

    stupidity keeps the world moving I suppose...

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