The Man In Black

God bless Johnny Cash and John Ritter.

And to all those who say they didn’t like either of em?


  1. will schlick says:

    Amen, man, amen, especially with regards to Johnny. With Warren Zevon, that makes three.

    Anyone who only has listened to "Ring of Fire" and "Hurt" should go right now to the iTunes Music Store and pick up some more Cash... I especially recommend his gospel stuff, like "Were You There."

  2. Chad says:

    That is a <em>completely</em> kick ass photo of Johnny. :)

  3. Aleksandrs says:

    pspan class="comment-author"Sophorn Phen span-/span /spanFrom stills poses to the ranodm air guitar(LOL!!), these pictures got the most of everything that was awesome at Billy and Jenna's wedding. The photographers never stopped clicking and made these shots come to life (Yes, I can see Billy's stiff dancing. JK!!) Great photos to keep the night in mind. Grats to the both of you!span class="comment-time"July 6, 2011 7:13 pm/span/p

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