Here’s the new design. It’s funky. Not really. It’s clean. Squeaky clean. I’ll start getting more content up eventually. Enjoy.

  1. .sara says:

    i don't hear any squeaking. i want my money back.

  2. peacock says:

    love it. the header images look great.

    one little thing I noticed - the banner is a little off under the image on this page (the comment page) and there's some weird code stuff going on up top, too. aside from that, looks great bobo!

  3. kolonay says:

    yeah bobo, I'm finding that php errors abound in the header and footer of the page, otherwise, I like the new feel and layout and whatnot.

  4. roboboshi says:


  5. chris says:

    woot. leet!

  6. ron says:

    well done as always.
    of course, you do know this can mean only one thing:

    design- off!

  7. Kellee says:

    I became aware of the blog via the VOR brcodaast. It's great to see that people of like mind are taking the time to raise awareness about our role and place within the natural world. This is a much needed perspective.

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