Still no power

My parents (in Yorktown, Va) are still without power after ten days. The power company has no idea when they’ll get it back on. The kicker here was that Isabel was barely a Category 2 storm when it hit. And it did this much damage? It just shows you how unprepared the mid-atlantic, and probably the bulk of the Southeastern USA, is for a hurricane of decent proportions.

  1. kolonay says:

    Lexington and surrounding areas were hit by a terrible ice storm in February. There were parts of town without power for 30 days, while some out lying parts near here were without power for 45 days. So, I feel for your parents (even though I lucked out and only lost power for about an hour during the storm).

  2. roboboshi says:

    They got it back yesterday. Earlier than expected, but still ten days sans power. My dad said that they're all still cleaning up and collecting firewood (men with chainsaws and pickup trucks are DANGEROUS! lol). He thinks it'll take most of the month to get the house back to pre-outage conditions. Of course, my family (my office & house is a prime examples) are living proof of the chaos theory. If it can get messy, it will.

  3. Joerick says:

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