1. Waldo Jaquith says:

    You should find out whose father <i>opened</i> the New York Stock Exchange and, you know, trade up.

  2. court says:

    hey... that's not... well... ya got a point there. ;)

  3. Peter says:

    Great comments guys. Peter <a href="http://www.fda.gov/" rel="nofollow">FDA</a>

  4. Soami says:

    Re: art and weapons, one thing I nctoied in all those defense exhibits is that there seems to be a trend towards making weapons look futuristic or pretty. Like that M16 replacement a few years ago (I forgot the name/designation, it had a sloping front). Then there are those vehicles (can't recall the names or manufacturers) that were made to look futuristic (e.g., slim headlights, etc). Some of the weapons do have a reason for looking stylish and futuristic like to reduce RCS. But some, I just wonder, why did they bother making it look purtee?

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