Jem Is Truly Outrageous?

I must say, when Waldo told me about ATO Records latest signing, I was a bit shocked. “Jem?!? as in the 80s Saturday morning cartoon, JEM?!”

Not exactly. A Welsh pop singer (?), her material reminds me a lot of [the now defunct] Splashdown and Gorillaz.

Interesting to see how ATO throws this into the fray. And, as with any young singer, one has to wonder how much is truly their creation and how much is a good producer and Anatares ProTools plugin du jour: AutoTune to credit?

  1. Dan says:

    Sounds pretty good, I'll pick up her EP if I see it.

    Speaking of the *other* Jem, the voice of Jem, Britta Phillips was recently playing bass for Luna and prior to that was in an all girl band and the touring bassist for Ben Lee. Useless info.

  2. ron says:

    jem was shit. the misfits were where the hard rock was.

  3. Chad says:

    I have to agree with Ron. Without Synergy, Jem was just another business suit, and who dates a guy with purple hair anyhow?


  4. Peacock says:

    on a semi-related note, I caught My Morning Jacket at work last week and they rocked. I was pleasantly surprised, having never heard any of their music prior to the night, at what they had to offer. great energy, great sound, and good people.

  5. Lizmilin says:

    I just saw her work at the Washington Craft Show this past weekend. It's even more gogerous in person and looks really striking on.LOVED her cuffs made of rubber, nylon and silver but alas, she was sold out of my size!

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