Moving... Again...

SO the office is moving. Again. Oy. Right now it’s literally moving next door into about half the space i currently use (adieu adieu oh bookshelves of joy and wonder). I’ve realized that I have way too much stuff. Papers I no longer need. Boxes filled with things i’ve not looked at in years. Yet I hold on.

Anyone have any good tips on “letting go” of crap and sorting stuff?

  1. Chad says:

    You're asking the WRONG person. It looks me until this last move to pitch my papers from high school.

  2. ron says:

    i'm with chad on this one. i keep *everything*.

    on our move from nj to nyc, the only way to make some sense out of all the papers and documents and random memories was to pack it up and put it other places.

    there are still filing cabinets in the back of the car, boxes now shelved in our parents' closets.

    one day maybe...

  3. chrissy says:

    i keep most stuff. but every once in a while, i get the urge to clean it all out. in which case, i get rid of EVERYTHING i think isn't all that sentimental. those old school papers? the big ones, i keep, because i like to see what i thought back then. but little stuff? notes and that? toss 'em. i don't need them. i'm a minimalist at heart, i think. i just can't bring myself to commit to it. =)

  4. michelle says:

    so i realize this is a bit late, but after all i am procrastinating studying for my finals so i thought id share.

    i am the biggest pack rat in the world. in fact, not only do i not throw things away, i actually go out of my way to ensure the safekeeping of boxes upon boxes of completely and utterly useless shit. i think i stil have some sassy magazines from 5th grade in storage somewhere.

    god i need help.

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