State of the What?

The annual joke that is the state of the union address. Okay, let’s sum um.

1. George Bush is running for president. He’s putting a lot of stuff in the ear of the public to say “vote Bush!” None of these things will be implemented before the second tuesday in November. They, in fact, never will be.

2. The Republicans put the balanced budget amendment in. And they’ve now blown the budget by how much? right.

3. Ted Kennedy rocks. John McCain (on the Jon Stewart show) rocks too.

4. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Saying there were is like Clinton saying he never had sex with the intern. [chrisrock] you know it’s a lie[/chrisrock]

5. Dick Cheney is still alive. Or the White House hired Weta Workshop to make some great prosthetics.

PLEASE VOTE LEFT really. anyone voting for Bush is voting to have their rights revoked, their tax dollars squandered, and the reputation of the country flushed down the toilet.

  1. Karpa says:

    I like it personally. I think it will be a nice break every so often and most lielky in the future we will see it improve I mean it's a huge feature that is better left off as an expac really unless you want to delay launch by a large length of time.

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