Ah the "DC MUSIC SCENE" SUcks again.

So Steve Bowes points out to me this site This person goes through and rips on myself and most of my friends, but the kicker is this passage:

Now, Rotoscope are a bit different. They are the classic example of a band that is a great idea in theory, but just doesn’t deliver. I will give them credit for trying to do something unique and trying to break some music ground and tread new territory. Unfortunately, they left songwriting behind. The singer’s voice is very average, and with the exception of one song (can’t find it now, due to their awesome rotating song of the week on their website), everything is just devoid of melody. I don’t know why some people equate experimental music and breaking genre lines with not writing a good song. Unless you are going for all-style (which never works), you need to have some memorable songs, good melodies and hooks. I’m not saying you have to run the major scale and play Britney Spears bubblegum pop, but do something memorable.

Left the songwriting behind? Right. That’s why one of top people at ASCAP told our producer that “One Day” was a hit single. Rotating Song of the week? We haven’t changed the mp3s on the mp3 post site or our site in months.

And obviously, if this individual is so knowledgeable in all things music, then obviously he/she/it has gotten signed and writes perfect songs and is every cirtic’s darling.

Oh, right. That doesn’t happen in reality. Wake up, kid. I’ll go back to my piss poor singing of medicore material while i headline IOTA with the Pharmacy Prophets. I figure if you wasted enough breath writing that epistle, then Steve, Phil, and I must be doing something right.

  1. mark says:

    uhm, yeah, gut-check time. you're a LOCAL critic, asshat. you're not even good enough to critique NATIONAL ACTS. and, judging from the quoted, a real music critic would stab you and leave you in a gutter with a thesaurus in your mouth for some poor jogger to find on some ill-fated night.

    i suppose if Rotoscope were yet another Strokes-clone, this guy'd be creaming his too-tight Eurotrash jeans and oddly ironic throwback athletic t-shirt.

    Now THAT'S how you trash someone in a critique. Say it with me now...SIM-I-LIE....MET-A-PHOR...

  2. brianH says:


    (sorry. had to.)

  3. Jerome says:

    I was very excited when I first heard this auncnnoement and saw the concept art. After Frazetta's death, there were all sorts of auncnnoements about movies that dealt with characters he helped define like Conan and John Carter and I thought with all the new computer technology and plethora of "visual" directors in Hollywood that we'd have all sorts of movies honoring and homaging Frazetta's unique style. Well, Conan really didn't do that and it doesn't look like John Carter is shooting for that either, but if the concept paintings are to be believe, Fire and Ice might just be the film I'm looking for, and RR is the ideal director for such an undertaking after his panel lifting work for "Sin City".

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