1. roboboshi says:

    And the other track (rough mix/sequence) is <a href="http://boboroshi.com/media/audio/boboroshiandkynz/arpelago.mp3" rel="nofollow">Arpelago</a>. Again, Kynz with the naming system.

  2. Chix McNuggitz says:

    I've only listened to as good as you, thus far, but I dig it. Nice and dark, just like my skin.

  3. will schlickenmaier says:

    Is it just me, or is there a problem with the link for Arpelago? I gotta get it - as good as "As Good As You" is, I need the other track tres vite. And if I didn't have to be out in god's country tomorrow morning, I'd be on Gua Rapo tonight like white on rice...

  4. roboboshi says:

    Arpelago should work now. Capitalization error on my part.

  5. Ainamani says:

    Whatever you have written is too deep for me to grasp antnhiyg I can say-Nice research You should send this hypothysis to some religious -knowledable ppl Let them evaluate-I m not qualified to say any thing.

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