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For those of you who have dreamed of the “house of the future” for a while now, may I present the architecture + geek story of the week: Home Automation with OS X, Part I at O’Reilly. This covers more of the basic hardware, but oh yeah.

I almost can’t wait to buy a house to do this myself :)

  1. Wilton says:

    [quote comment="4701"](And wtniirg javac *.java or make clean && make doesn't take that long)[/quote]No, it doesn't. But for me that's not where the productivity gain is. The killer eclipse features I like are:* The inline error checking if I make a typo, the IDE underlines it for me. Normally I would not know about this until I recompiled. With Eclipse I can fix it on the spot.* Auto completion. I love the fact that when type a method call I only need to put in few characters after the dot and the IDE will remind me all the different parameters this given method takes and will offer me to finish the declaration for me. In the past I often had to look up methods just to remind myself which parameter goes first, and which goes second or what kind of data I can initialize this given class with. You tend to forget this kind of stuff over time. It takes you few seconds to look it up, but with a good IDE you just save that time and distraction, and can keep working.* Exception handling with Eclipse you no longer have to remember which methods throw exceptions. The IDE will complain and let you know if you forgot to catch one of them. I also love that I can simply click on the margin, and tell Eclipse to either add a throws clause to the method header, or surround my exception generating line with a try-catch block. * Refactoring I love that I can easily change the name of a class or a method, and Eclipse will go in and automatically do all the search and replace, adjusting it in all the files of my project.* Debugger sometimes it's just awesome to be able to stop the execution at a breakpoint, and see what is inside all the variablesIt's stuff like that that makes an IDE worth while. At least for me. a0|a0

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