Chopping Down Every Cherry Tree

Here’s the quick and dirty of why Bush’s current campaign ads are just another example of how the guy cannot tell the truth. (from Moby’s log)

to the right wing conservatives who visit and read my journal entries, how do you defend the bush administrations contradicting themselves and making advertisements using images from 9-11 when they said that they wouldn’t?

On 1/23/02, President Bush said “I have no ambition whatsoever to use [9/11 or national security] as a political issue.”
On 5/17/02, Vice President Cheney said using 9/11 for political gain is “thoroughly irresponsible and totally unworthy of national leaders in a time of war.”
On 3/4/03, Senate Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Richard Shelby (R-AL) is asked if Republicans should use the war for political gain and responded, “Absolutely not. And as a Republican, I would deplore such tactics.”
[Sources: AP, 1/23/02; Washington Times, 5/17/02; CNN, 3/4/02]

NY Daily News:

The Bush reelection campaign yesterday unveiled its first three campaign commercials showcasing Ground Zero images, angering some 9/11 families who accused President Bush of exploiting the tragedy for political advantage.

  “It’s a slap in the face of the murders of 3,000 people,” said Monica Gabrielle, whose husband died in the twin tower attacks. “It is unconscionable.”

Why do people find this behavior laudable in not only a presidential candidate, but the actual president? Why do they continue to support him?

After the lies and overthrowing soverign powers, destroying personal freedoms and privacy protection, damaging the environment, destroying our reputation in the world community, and in general, being a twit, what good has this guy done for this country? NOTHING

If he wins (buys) the election in November, New Zealand is calling….

  1. chris says:

    Think Wingnut would take us on for "The Simillarion"?

  2. roboboshi says:


    <a href="" rel="nofollow">Rumsfeld lies in an interview and is called on it</a> (in video!)

  3. Stefan says:

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  4. Open says:

    Beth - Not that I'm advocating an ivnasion or even the use of military force in Iran, but you asked a hypothetical that I think deserves an answer:What good could an exercise of American military force do the Iranian protesters?As we demonstrated on the first night of the ivnasion of Iraq, the combined logistical command of the US military is extraordinarily efficient at knocking out the command and control centers of an opposing country.Right now, the balance of power favors the mullahs because they have the ability to move forces at will and can coordinate strategic attacks on the protesters. They have superior armaments, and the advantage of their military training.Again assuming the hypothetical, in even a single evening the US is fully capable of wiping out the vast majority of the mullah's power base through the use of stealth aircraft, Predators and Tomahawk missiles. No ivnasion. Just some surgical bombing at known military or government sites. Not only would it destroy a good deal of the mullah's ability to attack protesters, it would also create utter chaos in the command structure of the mullah's in power.An ivnasion is a "last resort" of military options. There are a whole lot of other options available which could be precisely targeted and have far greater strategic value than an overland ivnasion would risk.Just something to think about.As far as other options that don't include the military that are within the grasp of the US:1) Encourage countries with embassies in Iran to take in the wounded protesters so they don't wind up getting arrested when they're taken to the hospital.2) Publicly announce that the US will not negotiate with the current government of Iran even if it succeeds in putting down the protesters. There is widespread agreement that, given what has transpired in Iran - even if you completely put aside their past history of abrogating treaties and terror-sponsorship - no negotiations are possible with this regime that could produce any results that they could be trusted to live up to anyway. Engaging in sham negotiations for the sake of being able to say that you're negotiating are worse than not talking at all. So it would cost us nothing to say so upfront while sending a strong signal to protestors.3) Requesting that a meeting of the UN Security Council be held to discuss real sanctions against the current regime if they don't immediately cease hostilities against their own people. This includes blocking gasoline shipments: Iran has plenty of oil, but no capacity to refine it into gasoline. The protesters are effectively pinned down without the ability to travel by the government anyway. The ones who would be most hurt by this would be the mullahs who would no longer be able to transport Hezbollah and Hamas thugs from place to place.All 3 of these items could be initiated tomorrow if Obama were serious about supporting the protestors. It would cost this country nothing, and yet say everything to the protestors (and the regime).I came up with these 3 off the top of my head as I was composing this post. Surely all the foreign policy "experts" that Obama has at his disposal could come up with similar ideas and a much longer list over the week that this has been going on. Don't you think?

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