The Preakness

the finish line at Pimlico

We got to go to the Preakness today and watch Gary ride Rock Hard Ten. We had a lot of fun and got to hang out with my parents and my sister (before she had to fly back to France that night). We had gotten back from our show in Charlottesville at 6:30am, so it was very little sleep before we made it up to Pimlico. But a lot of fun and a great day. I even walked away with $5 profit on my bet, so WOOHOO!

  1. l higgins says:

    I am in the process of building a Rock Hart Ten webpage. Any pictures you may have from the Preakness please send to me if you'd like to see them on there. Hope you had a good time there, I had a great time!!!! Only my 2nd time at the horse race track.

  2. Abi says:

    Apr02 I'd be all for sections (which I think is a great idea) if we could have real beer in one of them and the crpapy beer/Jagermeister in the one for the usual drunk crowd but as I've already mentioned (see blog), I'm glad to see them reaching out to more than their usual (aging) demographic. The fratboy menace in the infield is certainly not new (just look at YouTube), and actually reaching out to it is no bad marketing move. It's ironic that I've paid more to go to the Preakness than I've ever paid to go to the Derby or Belmont; there are certainly far fewer amenities at Pimlico and the undercard is never as good a variety of pricing options would be most welcome.

  3. Susilo says:

    Chris,Not sure how FLAT OUT will handle a wet track, but the price will be right. I'm moivng DUKE OF MISCHIEF up on my tickets as he won on a sloppy track at Charles Town in a race loaded with talent. I never liked his inconsistency, but he apparently loves the slop. Derek,As you proved with MISSION APPROVED, lone speed on a yielding turf can be dangerous. I didn't care for the fact that STREET GAME lost twice in open company, but you can't count out a Street Cry on the turf; especially at 12-1. I might use him w/ CASINO HOST in a daily double with AWESOME MARIA in the Phipps.

  4. Litsa says:

    all week the reason he sent First Dude to the Hilltop was <a href="">beucase</a> he was sitting on a big race. So do you think I listened to one of my favorite trainers and take his advice .naw. I used Paddy in the role I shoulda' used the Dude in.

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