New Rotoscope Single is out

The new Rotoscope single is back from the plant and for sale! I’m still working on setting up the online sales, but we’re selling the 2 song single for $3. It’s already gotten spun on DC101 Local Lix twice in the last 3 weeks. We’ll have them at shows this month coming up!

  1. johnnym says:

    you owe me $2!

    (please don't send me a dirty american virus
    coz i love you really...)

  2. booji boy says:

    Question (in all seriousness): How do you economically justify selling/supporting a 2 song single as an unsigned band? Pressing it can't be much less than a buck a pop and it seems like you could've just spent a bit more time in the studio to get a proper EP. I can't see how you'd do much more than break even on it if you sold out. My understanding is you don't record in your own (free) studio, so do you have a deal on pressing or just a ton of disposable cash?

  3. roboboshi says:

    you economically justify it that it sells for $3, and that's a requirement to sell 333 to break even. For this particular item, studio time for tracking was part of a sudent engineer's training, and therefore she selected/asked us to be her project. We paid for mixing and mastering (about $800 total), so once we sell about 550, we'll be making profit. It wasn't that we could have spent more time. We had two songs tracking for free. And instead of just sending it around for booking, we decided to press it. So covering all costs (printing, mixing, and mastering), we'll make $1200 or so if we sell out. And you have to figure promo copies, so probably $800 - 1000 in profit.

    We've got the time booked in the fall and a proper EP will be coming out, hopefully before the end of the year.

    And we don't have a deal on pressing and none of us have disposable cash. If we did, we'd have an album out long ago.

  4. John says:

    If you use rotoscope like the Fleischer's did, then it bemcoes a mixed-media art form. Taking a tap dance and adding surreal elements is certainly interesting and fun to watch. If you use mocap like we see being done today, then it's nothing but a cheat. Relying heavily on the dumbed-down movement of live action, and then passing it off as animation is nothing but an insult to real animators. Nothing is added, and certainly things are lost in the translation.

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