Are you burnt out?

In this article at UI web, they help all of us crazy design types who work insane hours come to the realization that yes, we need a vacation.

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been hovering just above burnout levels for a while. I just jump from design to music and back again. A seesaw of recharging that never just gets filled up and happy.

Good thing I’ve got some vacation coming up. Anyone have any better/other methods of dealing with their burnout?

  1. cokey says:

    You could help out designing a swank-ass house in Vegas!! Yes, 'swank-ass' is an official term recognized by Webster's.

  2. kolonay says:

    While I'm not a member of the design community per se, I have been spending the greater part of the last month designing the GUI for my company's custom stock/option charting software. I'm working 40 to 60 hour weeks while taking 6 hours of summer courses to finish my degree. Burned out doesn't even begin to describe how I feel... I'm underpaid, over worked, and simply stated, generally bitter. I've well behind in my dream of writing and recording what I deem to be MY great American Album. Life wanks right about now, but I'll be done w/ school on August 5. 6...more...weeks...

  3. Manjula says:

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