1. Ratnadeep says:

    jhog:First, I need to say I'm an event and snow sports vihdagropeer so I need light weight and multi purpose gear because I carry it miles into the backcountry or I'm shooting a fast paced wedding. With a 652b Manfrotto monopod and 701 head with one handle, tilt all the way forward and down then lock the head. I take a 577 adapter plate with the dove tail mounted under the locking plate at a slight angle and then i mount that to the 7D and then to the 701 head. Put the monopod on your shoulder and spin the 701 handle so you can support the under the camera. With the handle, Z-finder to your eye and focus ring held it is very stable. This works with my tripod and steady cam too.I suppose I could mass produce a shoulder pad to attach to the monopod and charge hundreds for it.

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