Nothing like a good road trip, right? James Currie, Eddie Fleming (no relation to the dot) and I did a weekend trip to Cleveland to see the Red Bull Flugtag event. And proving that getting there is half the fun, we drove from DC to Cleveland.

The highlight of the road trip was the stop for dinner in Newton Falls, OH (map). This town’s claim to fame is the “44444” zip code. I’m sure the guy with PO Box 4444 in Newton Falls is a micro-celebrity or something. It’s a true small town. One block of main street with American flags on the lampposts, everything closed on Sunday. It’s like a time capsule.

Anyway, the event was a blast and we’re now plotting our flying machine for the next year entry round. WooT!

  1. brianH says:

    Growing up in Va Beach, my zip code was 23456 for the first 18 years of my life. No lie! My folks still live in that house, but some wacky housing developers with a lot of money and city council influence schnookered it away and assigned it to an area they're building up down near Sandbridge. Bastards!

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