Yet Another Example of How Catholic University Turned Me Off to the Catholic Church

The Catholic University of America, my alma mater, in typical"bury our heads in the sand and it will all go away" mentality, has barred Stanley Tucci from speaking at CUA due to his pro-choice/pro-planned parenthood stance. He was coming to speak about Italian Cinema. I can see the University getting their panties in a bunch over, say, a pro-choice activist coming to speak in regards to Roe v. Wade, but this is just a bit much in my book.

[The President of the Unviersity, Rev. David M.] O’Connell also said “there has to be a pretty compelling reason” to consider inviting a speaker who supports abortion rights.

Not only that, but this is starting to sound like the federal government:

When later asked what such a reason may be, as well as what factors are taken into consideration for speakers and how such invitations are processed by CUA administration, University spokesman Victor Nakas said O’Connell was traveling and unable to provide details.

Nakas also declined to clarify. “The written responses that Fr. O’Connell provided you are all that you will get this week,” Nakas wrote in an e-mail to The Tower. “There is no obligation on my part or Fr. O’Connell’s part to provide you with responses to any follow up questions.”

This reminds me of the Pope’s encyclical when I was a student there suggesting that all educators at Catholic Universities should be Catholic. My best professors were all non-Catholic. My thesis advisor (and former Dean of the Arch. School) was Jewish, and he was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life.

There was also the incident when they rescinded an alumni award to an actor who was gay. It was for achievement in the arts, not for his piety.

Catholic University needs to take a hint from the Jesuits. Stop treating the students as incompetent adolescents who can’t think for themselves and start challenging them to validate their faith and morality. Encourage them to question everything. Stop teaching “The Christian Difference” as “This is why Catholicism is great and everything else is wrong.”

And for the love of God, PLEASE hire a public relations/crisis communications firm. I’d suggest some that I know, but I’m sure you’d have problems with them because they also work for prominent liberals, and, as the RNC will tell you, liberals are evil and want to ban the Bible! For a school that exists in the ultimate spin city, it’s got a long way to go before it can actually stop these PR nightmares before they happen.

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