What Barry Says

This quicktime is a great political commentary done with very interesting 3d/vector/flash style stuff. Remember, gots to register to vote by October 4th in VA.

  1. Masahiro says:

    I have a problem with all you obejct oriented weenies. Stop your cat-fight about ruby vs. java. They are tools. Its you guys (gals?) that suck!!You want to know why software engineering is not that at all? go look at a carpenter's shop. Or a custom bike manufacturer.If we asked you obejct developers to make us a bike you will promptly proceed to:1. Dig the ore from the mountain.2. Melt the ore and form metal3. Beat the metal into 1/2 , 3/4 pipe4. Cut metal strips and beat them into standard size nails. (The smart ones amongst you would actually come up with a die' and hail it as the end of the world, but then you would go around and make more die's than there would be the actual nails.. phee)5. Create a Rim_factory()6. Create a nut_and_bolt_factory()9. Excavate oils and make paint.10. Since you got so much time on your hands, you would go and create a bicycle manufacturing framework which would have all the above, PLUS it would be incompatible with every other weenie's framework P.S. And while you were at it, you would create your own screwdrivers and call it Jillips, just because you are such abhorrent TURDS! Who needs standard nuts and bolts you'll create your own factory to create your own shit from scratch and then look people blankly in the face when they point out that this is totally redundant and non-standard. Enough with your lies and trickeries. Enough with your panty-wars.. you're all the same. You are worse than lawyers and politicians. Actually, you are the group that should always be mentioned when lawyers and sleazy politicians are mentioned. You are leeches!YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL YOURSELF ENGINEERS! you pick up a new buzzword book everyday and pretend you're some kind of guru's . YOU SUCK, You are hacks and its about time you actually started USING the wheel instead of re-inventing it every-firkin time.want examples? look at the hardware designers. YOU DILLWEEDS have squandred every single advance made on the hardware side, by filling it with more of the same: YOUR ABYSMAL INCOMPETENCIES. With the result that I have more computing power than the frikking Soviet Space control center in the 70 s ON MY DESK and yet it takes 5 minutes for the goddammned machine to load and show my that one lousy window!and don't invoke linux and beos and osx.. you're all pricks. Incompetent pricks. And your buzzwords are not going to save you from us, your victims, your consumers, for much longer.If you dick-heads tried to pull this kind of shit with public funds for, lets say, building a bridge? People would publicly flog you and ban you from returning to the city (this is if they were kind. otherwise you should be imprisoned for the con-men that you are).you feed upon the ignorance of the masses, and as soon as they figure out, you'll be outta here.You are nothing but Con-men.. with all your confusing talk of obejcts and acronyms and new names for the same old shit every two years .wall to wall books in firkin Borders and not a single elegant re-usable product to show for it..its trickery I say Trickery!J'Accuse!! -sigsig -1101111011001010111110111010110111011110101011011011111011101111111110101101111011111010110111101111101011011110

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